The divorce certificate attestation is the certified or legalized by any representative office of the country of destination present in India after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) Certification and certified by the competent official designated by the Government of India. The designated official or signatory or department may be changed from time to time, Foreign Affairs (MEA). The designated signatory may be the section officer, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner, Judge, Sub-Judge, Resident Commissioner, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Minister, Deputy Director, etc. The Certification Cell may be the General Adminis- tration Department (GAD). The Regional Attestation Center (RAC) and the Ministry of Higher Education as the name of the authority differ from state to state in India. Details of the designated signatories are available on the website.

Divorce certificate attestation by International express service

A divorce certificate attestation conducted by International Express service can also be a witness or notarized embassy or consulate in the country of destination present in India following the certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) after certification by Judge Sub Division, New Delhi. But that is an alternative, real and acceptable for the maximum number countries of the process world. On the other hand, some countries are very specific and require certification to certify status level of divorce prior to the certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and certification embassy or consulate or legalization of the target country are present in India

Necessities of Divorce certificate attestation

Some countries require a translation of a certified copy of the divorce certificate issued or legalized in India in the English language of their country of divorce language. Some countries also require a certified new / reissue certificate of divorce. In such a case, the issue of the divorce certificate and the certificate will be within six months. There is a certification process or a very old legalization practice in India, and this process is becoming more popular, profitable and effective over time.

In this process, a divorce certificate first certified by the Ministry of Interior, then may be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) and finally certified by the embassy or consulate present in India the target country. This process is very acceptable and the certification process is more stringent in India.

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