Experience certificate, sender, legality or embassy certification process is different from the country and the origins of various Indian state documents. Some countries have to verify the first certificate from the concerned State Home Department or Regional Meditation Center (RAC) or any other authority, which has been authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), New Delhi. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and finally it should be certified by the Embassy of Destination Country in India.

Some countries like Czech Republic, Italy, require a copy of the translation of an experience certificate, but this is not an option, which is compulsion and the destination is based on the country and purpose. In addition to the above procedure, some alternative processes that are more convenient, time-saving and cost-effective should be noted that there are some limitations in the optional process and the acceptance of the document is based on the destination country.

Certificate of experience can be made from the country issued by the certificate. If the certificate is a member of the Hague Convention, then it is used in the country. The certificates should be certified by the embassy of the destination in the certificate issued. If the certificate is used in the country, which is not a member of the Hague Convention, then the certificate should be certified by the concerned Ambassador of the country, in which the certificate holder is planning to go.

Documents required for Certificate of Experience Certificate:

  • Basic certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Visa copy
  • 2 photos
  • Correct letter

Why Pearling Global Service?

The official certificate of authentication is the process of authenticating certificates by authorized nominee / person / departments / officials by their official seal and signature. Validation and certification of certified issued certificates also assures the certificate. Certificate of experience can be made from the country issued by the certificate.

Our experience Certification Service is an authorized service provider of certificate certificates for all states of India and is valid for the collection and distribution of documents / certificates for the Embassy Certificate related to India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of External Affairs), India. People living in any part of the country can easily verify the experience certificate because the respected services are known to provide a very standard and cost-effective experience with certification certificate certificates.

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