Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, Appostile

India is a member of the Hague Convention since 2005, October 5, 1961, which removed the need for legalizing foreign public documents. Apostille is acceptable in 105 member states of the Convention (For more information please visit the website: Apostille is used for personal documents such as birth / death / marriage certificate, affidavit, power of attorney etc. and a degree diploma, Educational documents such as metric and secondary level certificates etc. 104 members, one member since 1961, is acceptable in all the documents of the country. Everybody lets everyone to simplify the certification process or personal ingenuity.

What are the documents you need to be attested?

In the case of educational documents, the documents should be certified by the concerned State Government / Union Territory Education Department. Commercial documents must be pre-certified by the Chambers of Commerce related. Details of Regional Certification Centers (RACs) in States / UTs, where pre-certified documents are accepted, are as described at our website. All original documents / copies required for authentication should be attested by the designated authority of the State / UT, where the document is presented. Regarding personal documents, the respective State Government / Union Territory Chief Minister / General Administration Department is the designated authority.

Why you should select Pearling Global Services?

The Ministry of External Affairs is not taking the forms of applicants directly. So all you need is to take the help of outsources agency like the Pearling Global services in order to get your documents attested. As foreign (foreign) applicant submits all documents / foreign directives / Apostille Ministry documents from personal scrutiny for the purpose and collected from four designated outsourced agencies. Outsourced agencies complied by $ 20 (personal records), 18 rupees (educational documents) and 16 Rupees (commercial) by Apostil / foreign fees per delivery for your document and general proof. Document)

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