In India, birth certificate attestation is a process of testifying the birth certificate by authorized persons or authorities or department with their official stamp and signature. We at Pearling Global Services provide our customers with easy certification of their native certificate in India. The birth certificate in India is achieved for several reasons, for example, if the child should be taken abroad with their parents or abroad, etc. If the child needs to be admitted to school abroad, the certificate must be certified by the State the Ministry of the Interior. The birth certificate is the official document of the birth of a person who can easily be obtained, usually including the names of the parents. A birth certificate is required for a family visa application.

Birth Certificate Attestation at Pearling Global Services

Pearling Global Services is an authorized provider of a certified birth certificate in India and is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) of the Government of India for the collection and delivery of documents / certificates for the appropriate embassy certification. We offer certification services for birth certificates for countries such as India, United Arab Emirates, UK and US, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. People who stay anywhere in the country can easily confirm the birth certificate, as Pearling Global Services are known to fulfill their commitment along with the certificate of birth certificate in a very standardized and cost-effective way.

The birth certificate may be issued from the country of issue of the certificate. In order for a certificate to be used in India, the certificate must be certified by the appropriate department of origin / MEA and the relevant embassy of the country in which the certificate holder intends to go. We are responsible for the success of the entire process, no matter what it can be, such as the certificate of original certificates even without the certificate holder. We provide native certification that can easily be obtained in India. The documents required for birth certification in India are:

Necessary Documents

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

Birth Certificate Attestation service like Document Authentication / Document Attestation, Attestation through MHRD, MEA (Ministry of External affairs) and Embassy Attestation. Pearling Global Services is a professional agency that is specialized in nationwide Birth Certificate Attestation and Embassy Attestation service situated in India, for the international use of documents.

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