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Our corporate clients are various industries such as IT / ITES, telecommunications, internet technology, retail and banks. This portfolio of customers has helped in developing the skills and tools necessary to meet the various types of service requirements in industries. But we do not only provide services to our customers – we make long-term relationships with them, understand their needs, and to ensure that the minimum requirements are taken care of from the additional requirements, to that extra mile go.

Why to select Pearling Global services for Embassy services?

The embassy promotes the Indian economy in the host country, Indian export and tourism. It establishes contact with the Indian business and provides general information and legal advice related to the host country’s economy. The embassy monitors economic and political conditions in the country and communicates interest incidents for India. The role of Embassy is to support and cooperate between India and the host country. In this context, it is important for close contact with the respective ministries of economic affairs. There are bilateral meetings that are organized by the Embassy are used to strengthen relations between India and the host countries.

Reasons to chose the embassy services

Embassy services at Pearling Global Services encourage cooperation in fields of science, technology and education with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the context of research and innovation. It promotes the exchange of ideas among scientific institutions and universities, it also supports Indian students in the host country and tries to encourage eligible students of the host country to study in India. In the context of culture, the mission of the embassy is to promote mutual understanding in its work to implement the Indian cultural policy. It strengthens the relationship between India’s related cultural institutions and collaborators, as well as artists, for example those who support Indian artists who want to show their work overseas. Embassy organizes or supported events should highlight India’s commitment towards culture and create bridges among different cultures.

Regarding the media, the Embassy services act as an interface between the Indian government and the official representation in the host country and national and international media in the host country. It supports the work of journalists working for Indian media.

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