The personal document attestation is the process of verifying the originality of document and affirming its authenticity by attaching it with the signature of the verifying persona. We at Pearling Global Services are specialist in all types of attestation. Our personal document attestation service is conducted to get legal documents with the originality of the person as the strongest proof.

The Personal document attestation provided by Pearling Global Services is itself a sign that demonstrates the originality of the documents, no doubt. During the authentication of certificates, photo copies of the company documents, together with the original documents submitted to the competent authority. After a careful examination of their originality, they create the sign documents in the designated area. Certificate of personal document can be understood rather as a statement of authority, that documents have been made in accordance with all legal forms in their presence. These certificates are often mentioned in legal documents, such as letter or will, to ensure that the documents provided are valid and not duplicated. In addition, the certificates are created to meet all legal certification criteria in the presence of a witness.

Know the Process

Although the certificate of certification procedures is less similar, it may vary depending on the purpose to be used. In addition, the country in which the document will be presented plays an essential role, since the legislation may vary from one country to another. The personal document attestation provided by the Pearling Global Services is consulted by the government of India by the Ministry of External affairs. We are also offering the personal document attestation approved by the Human Resource Development of India who manages the certification process in India. The certificate can be divided into three different types according to their use.

1. Certificate of Education

These types of proven certificates are used to achieve the basic levels of advanced courses. Students who have completed graduate courses such as MCA, MBA, MCOM, MSc, MA, educational programs such as BTech, BE, BSc, BBA, BA, BCOM, MBBS, CA or secondary or higher secondary courses such as 2 + / PDC / HSC . / SSLC / CBSE for the Certificate of Education.

2. Certified without Education

Such proven certificates are in great demand in non-educational opportunities. It includes events such as birth, marriage, death, affidavit, divorce, transfer, proof of experience, and several other occasions when a provisional certificate of certification is required.

3. Secondary documents

These types of documents include transcripts, lists of stamps, sample sheets, photographs, passports and registration data that will be presented at the time of certificates of origin, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and transfer certificates. However, the type and number of secondary documents may vary depending on the country of the applicant.

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