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Transfer Certificate

Examination of transfer certificates to be completed before the home, where the certificates have been issued, foreign countries where candidates are planning / planning for travel.

Transfer certificate does not require an HRD certificate from India. To get constant education in other countries, all countries of the world need a certificate transfer. We can all transfer GAD / Home Office / Home Office Secretariat Certification and Notary Certificate, Foreign Ministry’s Certifications – Embassy or Consulate Evidence certification is the state government departments and foreign ambassadors.

The main consideration paid for obtaining a job class or position and Gulf wife visa qualification certification authentication United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi etc. need to get a valid visa from the Department of Labor  and are eligible for a good class job and family visa. Therefore, a good position is also an important requirement for obtaining a family status in the Gulf and other countries, for this certified degree or other qualifying certificate is mandatory for most countries.

The certificate of transfer certificate is the work of the person / person / department / authority, who sees the transfer certificate with their official seal and signature. This certification also ensures that a specific transfer certificate is issued by the designated department and it is a sealed and signed authorization certificate on transfer school certificate.

Why chose Pearling Global Services for your Transfer Certificate attestation?

The transfer certificate of Indian Certificate can be made from the certificate issued. In order to use a degree certificate in India, certification should be certified by the respective HRD / Foreign Ministry and the relevant Embassy of the country in which the certificate holder plans to go. We can complete all the procedures, the certificate issuing certificate can be a certificate holder in whatever country it is.

Document required for a Transfer Certificate in India

  • Basic certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Visa Copy
  • Degree Copy
  • Mark Sheet of All years
  • HSC certification
  • SSC certification

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